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Canon Novitet

Canon 17-120mm CINE-SERVO T2.95-3.9 PL
Canon 17-120mm

Fujinon Noviteti

Fujinon Cabrio 19-90mm/T2.9
Fujinon Cabrio
Perfect Amira companion

Zeiss Noviteti

Zeiss CZ.2 70-200mm/T2.8
Zeiss CZ.2 70-200mm/T2.8

Compact Zoom CZ.2 28-80/T2.9
Compact Zoom CZ.2

Phantom VEO4K PL-RLS

High Speed Camera

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All Cinematography

  • The VEO4K-PL-RLS brings the high imaging standards of the Phantom Flex4K to a portable and rugged body style. The compact body increases the flexibility of use including such applications as robotic arms and drone flight.
  • The 35mm images are detailed, high-resolution, and full sized. The 9.4 Gpx throughput is powerful so quality is not lost at high frame rates and upholds the low noise requirements of the industry.
  • While the VEO4K-PL-RLS does come with a standard PL mount there is user flexibility through the optional and interchangeable lens mounts. Nikon, C, and Canon EF (with electronic control) mounts are available to increase workflow needs.
  • The VEO4K-PL-RLS housing comes standard in our S-style body. With full features and connections the body is made from milled aluminum, has sealed electronics (to protect from air and dust), is lightweight (approximately 6 lbs. or 2.8 kg), and is ruggedized to increase the durability in harsh environments.
  • Throughput/Speed
    9 Gpx/second
    Max speed at full resolution of 4096 x 2304 is 938 fps
    At 4096 x 2160 max speed is 1000 fps
    At 2048 x 1080 max speed is 1977 fps
    Minimum frame rate of 24 fps
  • Sensor Specifications
    CMOS sensor
    12-bit pixel depth
    4096 x 2304 pixels
    6.75 µm pixel size
    27.6 mm x 15.5 mm
    Super-35mm; 31.7mm diagonal
    Super-16mm format at 1920 x 1080
    Global Shutter (GS): Base ISO 640T Color; 5000T Mono.
    Rolling Shutter (RS): Base ISO 320T Color; 2000T Monochrome
    Recommended Exposure Index range: 1000-1600 Color; 10,000-20,000 (GS); 4000 - 8000 (RS)Monochrome
  • Exposure
    5 μs minimum exposure
    Rolling shutter and Global shutter modes (switchable)
    Exposure Index (E.I.) for controlling apparent ISO
    VEO4K also supports rolling shutter mode for increased dynamic range and limited need for black reference
    In rolling shutter mode the scan time is 1-millisecond
  • Memory
    72 GB high-speed internal RAM
    Support for on-board removable CFast 2.0 cards up to 512GB
  • Record Times
    6 seconds at maximum frame rate, largest resolution and into maximum internal memory
  • Special Features
    10Gb Ethernet (optional)
    Segment memory for up to 63 cines in multi-cine mode
    Continuous recording
    Programmable I/O
    HD-SDI and HDMI video
    Event marking
    Frame timestamp (IRIG SMPTE or MISP)
    IRIG in/out (modulated and unmodulated)
    7.5 μs straddle time
    Standard Internal mechanical shutter for automatic/remote Current Session
    Reference (CSR)
    One 12 VDC, 12W auxiliary power port
    Secondary IP address
    Field-based firmware upgrades
  • Triggering
    Programmable trigger location (pre/post trigger recording)
    Trigger from camera body or via software
    Trigger from on-camera controls
    Hardware trigger BNC
  • Timing and Synchronization
    Frame synchronization to internal or external clock (FSYNC)
    IRIG in/out (modulated or unmodulated)
    SMPTE time code support
  • Signaling
    Dedicated Trigger and Timecode In BNCs on camera body
    Range Data input on S-model camera body (Fischer)
    Programmable I/O ports includes adjustable (assign and define) signals
    including F-sync, strobe, event, trigger output, ready and more
  • Connectivity
    Control and download connections: Gb Ethernet (standard); 10Gb Ethernet (optional)
    Fischer port on S-models; RJ45 port on L-models
  • Camera Control
    On-Camera Controls (OCC)
    Phantom Camera Control (PCC)
    SDK available
  • Video Out
    3G HD-SDI and HDMI on all VEO models
    Additional 3G HD-SDI BNC port on back
    Supports up to 1080p60
  • Lensing
    PL-mount and Optical Low Pass Filter (OLPF) are standard
    Canon EOS mount optional (compatible with Flex4K-style EOS mount)
    F-mount optional (compatible with v-Series F-mount)
    C-mount optional (VEO-4K specific)
  • Video Processing
    White Balance
    Tone curve
    Color matrix
    Image flip and rotate
  • Data Acquisition
    National Instruments M- and X-Series DAQ modules with integrated support in PCC
  • Motion Analysis
    Basic measurements via Phantom Application:
    Angles and Angular Speed
    Manual and Automatic point collection for target tracking
    Compatible with 3rd party solutions
  • Supported File Formats
    Cine RAW, Cine Compressed, AVI, h.264 mp4, Apple ProRes .mov, Multipage TIFF, MXF PAL, MXF NTSC, Uncompressed QuickTime, Windows BMP, OS/2 BMP, PCX, TGA, TIFF, LEAD, JPEG, JTIF, RAW, DNG, DPX
  • Power
    100 - 240 VAC, 16-32 VDC via primary power input
    80 Watt 24V power supply included
    Secondary power input, down to 12V via capture port on VEO4K-PL
  • Mechanical Specifications
    Size (without lens): 5.0 x 5.5 x 6 inches (L x W x H); 12.7 x 14 x 15cm
    Weight: 6 lbs (2.5 kg)
  • Environmental Specifications
    Operating Temperature: -10°C - +50°C
  • APIs
    Phantom SDK
  • Options
    Canon EOS lens mount
Phantom Flex4K

Phantom Flex4K
Professional Video | Cinematography


Professional Video | Cinematography

ARRI ALEXA Mini LF camera body

ARRI ALEXA Mini LF camera body
Professional Video | Cinematography


Professional Video | Cinematography

Canon EOS C300 Mark III

Canon EOS C300 Mark III
Professional Video | Cinematography

Canon EOS C500 Mark II

Canon EOS C500 Mark II
Professional Video | Cinematography

Canon EOS C200

Canon EOS C200
Professional Video | Cinematography

ARRI ALEXA Mini LF Ready to Shoot Set

ARRI ALEXA Mini LF Ready to Shoot Set
Professional Video | Cinematography

ARRI ALEXA LF Basic Camera Set

ARRI ALEXA LF Basic Camera Set
Professional Video | Cinematography

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