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Dedolight KAC24M

Master 4 x 24V/150W (DLHM4-300) tungsten kit

Preço: € 3795,00
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  • The Dedolight Standard 4-Light Kit is based on the self-contained 150W, 120V DLHM4-300 Dedolight.
  • The DLHM4-300 works with a built-in electronic transformer dimmer.
  • Using 24 volt/150W lamps and powered directly from a 117 AC power source, this version of the Dedolight head has a color temperature of 3000°K.
  • The DLHM light offers tremendous lamp economy and dependability, with a typical 150W lamp lasting over 1000 hours.
  • In contrast to the older DLH2, the DLHM should not be operated upside down for extended periods.
  • This Standard Kit includes an assortment of accessories such as barndoor sets, glass daylight conversion filter, gel filters with holders, a clamp, wall holder, bulbs, light stand, plastic accessory boxes and hard kit case.
  • Patented Focusing System - Dedolight Aspherics2 optic system
  • 20:1 Flood-to-Spot Ratio - Equal to a beam spread of 4.5 - 40°
  • Barndoor sets, scrims, gel filters, and glass daylight conversion filters for more precise light control
  • Projection attachment with lens, framing shutter blades, and iris to pinpoint a fixture’s beam exactly where you want it
  • Use the gobo holder with any of the hundreds of available size "M" steel gobos, or your own custom-made gobos to project patterns onto your background or subject
  • Use the clamp, vacuum mount, flexible stand extension and wall holder to mount lights in tight places
  • Holds all the components, and measures 22.5 x 17 x 8.75" (57 x 43 x 22 cm).
  • Includes:
  • 4 DLHM4-300 Light head Aspherics2 withbuilt – in dimmable power supply
  • 4 DBD8 Barn door
  • 4 DPLS Light shield ring
  • 4 DDCF Dichroic daylight conversion filter
  • 1 DSCK Scrim kit
  • 1 DSCP Scrim pouch
  • 1 DGRADF06 Graduated glass filter
  • 4 DFH Filter holder
  • 1 DGMD Gel filter set – Mixed diffusion
  • 1 DGW Gel filter set –Warm tone
  • 1 DP1 Projection attachment
  • 1 DPGH Gobo holder
  • 1 DPFS Framing shutter blade
  • 1 DPIR Iris
  • 4 DST Stand
  • 2 DSTFX Flexible stand extension
  • 2 DH2 Wallholder
  • 2 CLAMP1 Clamp
  • 1 DV6B Vacuum mount
  • 10 DL150 Halogen lamp 24 V/150 W
  • 3 DLBOX Plastic box
  • 1 DCHDM4 Transport hard case
  • Weight: 16.8 kg (37.0 lb.)
  • Size: 57 x 43 x 22 cm (22.5 x 17 x 8.75 ")
Dedolight KA24B

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Dedolight DLH4 kit
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Dedolight SBABE-S
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Dedolight DLH1x300S
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Dedolight DSOCTT

Dedolight DSOCTT
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Dedolight S200-2

Dedolight S200-2
Lighting | Portable

Dedolight S200-3

Dedolight S200-3
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